The Fire Still Burns, “Good As New”/”My Assault on the World Begins Now”

The Fire Still Burns,

Surprisingly, I kinda dug both songs on this two-track introduction to The Fire Still Burns. They play a unique blend of melodic punk/metal, with a tad of pop thrown in — it has the speed and style of punk, with occasional bits of metal heaviness stuck in between. What surprised me is that it’s punk with actual melodies and real riffs and vocals, not just chugging and yelling. Overall, the tunes are well-sung and well-played. The songs are indeed hard and fast, but they’re not harsh. It’ll definitely be interesting to hear a full-length release.

(Koi Records -- 18600 South Parkview #1836, Houston, TX. 77084;; Engineer Records -- 1 Chandos Road, Turnbridge Wells, Kent, TN1 2NY, UK;; The Fire Still Burns --
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