The Book of Lists, Red Arrows

The Book of Lists, Red Arrows

Four Canadians deliver average pop-rock on this EP. Vocalist Chris Frey is the most interesting thing about this record, being both a former member of better band Destroyer and the focal point of the music itself. His vocals are of the Ian Curtis variety, although to their credit the Book of Lists declines to parlay this into yet another Joy Division knockoff, perhaps recognizing that everyone is way tired of that shit. Instead, with Red Arrows they seem to have taken the Velvet Underground route, which is fine, I guess. Frey’s lyrics are an abstruse mush of half-expression that are nearly impossible to read, let alone remember.

Speaking of knockoffs, though, here’s a question: why don’t any of those bands seem to remember how much Joy Divison rocked? What about “Warsaw,” man? That shit was wild! Swing Kids covered it, for God’s sake!

Anyway, to conclude this review, I offer two pieces of advice for The Book of Lists: 1. Change your name. “Red Arrows” would work fine, and that way you could still sell this record. 2. Take a freakin’ English class. “Blue in its columns,” not “it’s;” “Altar of an art treasure,” not “Alter;” and “Who do you damn but you,” not “dam-” — although since none of those lyrics make any sense anyway, I’m not sure why it matters. But honestly, use your fucking spellcheck. Damn.

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