Immaculate Machine, Ones and Zeros

Immaculate Machine, Ones and Zeros

It’s hard to describe just what kind of music Immaculate Machine would be categorized under — that’s what makes them stand out from other indie bands out there right now. The sweet and innocent lyrics, along with energetic guitar riffs, are what make Ones and Zeroes exciting to listen to.

Immaculate Machine is a three-piece band that includes Brooke Gallup (vocals/guitar), Kathryn Calder (vocals/keyboards), and Luke Kozlowski (vocals/drums), all of whom are longtime friends from Victoria, BC. With a mix of danceable beats and sophisticated ballads, there’s a song on here for every mood you are in. While healing a broken heart, “Statue” will keep you down: “When it comes to you, you were always first / When it comes to you silence is the worst.” These words will definitely make you reminisce about an old flame. “So Cynical” describes a person who takes things a little too seriously; I’m sure we all know somebody like that.

The well-blended boy and girl vocals, energetic beats, and overall vibe of the band result for a worry-free fun time. Don’t get me wrong — they aren’t the best band ever, but they’ll come in handy for a fun night out.

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