Matt Boroff, Matt Boroff

Matt Boroff, <em>Matt Boroff</em>

If there were any way I could think of to most easily give you a sense of Matt Boroff’s music, it’d be this: Quentin Tarantino. When I listen to Boroff’s self-titled CD, it strikes me just how perfectly it’d fit into one of Quentin’s movies — just a little dark and moody, just a little off kilter, a hell of a lot of cool. Maybe it comes from being an American singer and songwriter living and working in Austria. Maybe it comes from his past experiences playing in and around NYC. Maybe it’s the byproduct of the eclectic mix of personalities and environment that make up this CD. I don’t know.

What I do know is that you definitely get a sense of grit right from the outset with “Soft Sky,” and I have to admit I was hooked right away. It’s rare that a CD catches me so quickly, but this one definitely has. “Tightrope” and “Everything is Breaking Down” have a heavier rock base, but with a bit of the upscale NYC “up all night” party scene thrown in. In fact, this whole CD is somewhat of a roller coaster ride between bluesy folk rock and hard-hitting glam edge. The turns are evenly sprinkled out along the way, and you get a good dose of each of the styles as you go. I highly recommend this CD. It’s on heavy rotation as I type this.

(Lo End Records; Matt Boroff --

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