Brookfield, …Maybe This Time

Brookfield, <em>...Maybe This Time</em>

Any band that opens its album with an obvious Rush rip (“YYZ”) deserves credit, so here goes: Brookfield are talented musicians. Unfortunately, their choice of music (think 311 covering Sublime — no, really) leaves a lot to be desired, and lyrically, it doesn’t get much better. On “Dreams,” singer Mikey Jerdan sings, “You once said that it all ends / And these dreams will never last / I thought you would understand / That these dreams are all we have.” “She Does” is the album’s standout, solely due to the fact it sounds nothing like the rest of the songs on …Maybe This Time.

This music played itself out at least five years ago, and there’s absolutely no need for any band today to carry the 311/Sublime torch. Let it die (no pun intended). Maybe next time.

(Brookfield Records --; NONE)

Review by . Review posted Tuesday, March 1st, 2005. Filed under Reviews.

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