Hot damn, these guys (and girls, too) are good. I never thought I’d say it, but one of my favorite CDs of the past year or so, it turns out, is a blend of cosmopolitan lounge-pop and surfy-sounding “exotica” that sounds like the soundtrack to a freaky B-movie where people shipwrecked on a desert isle have to fight the cannibalistic natives…and then win their trust and hang out sipping cocktails and dancing the tropical night away. I’m talking about Lagoon!, the latest from local tiki-lounge empresarios Clouseaux. The band’s practically a “who’s who” of local rock, funk, and jazz bands, featuring (at various times) ex- and current members of The Suspects, Middlefinger, The Magnetic IV, Three Fantastic, Janitor, Secret Agent 8, The Plus & Minus Show, and Zombilly, but somehow all those influences got set aside to make some of the coolest, most laid-back, swankiest island instrumental music I’ve ever heard. I’ve only heard bits and pieces of their previous EP, Destination Oasis, and none at all of their self-titled debut, but Lagoon! is freakin’ incredible. Absolutely perfect for lounging around out by the pool on a warm summer’s day (even if your pool, like mine, is of the somewhat-worse-for-wear aboveground variety). Plus, the band’s darn good live — I’ve seen ’em once or twice now, and they’re pretty impressive. Go check ’em out…

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