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lonestarpornstar1THE GALAXY CLUB — 8/29/2004: On Sunday, August 29, Houston band Lonestar Pornstar went on their first road trip. At 10 A.M., I hopped into a 15-passenger van to ride with this party band and their friends up to Dallas. The owner of the Jones Rd. club Forgetta’Bout It followed behind them in his own car with his companion. I thought of the Pantera video which showed their road trips (though this one was not at all destructive) as the party surrounded me on my very first trip to Dallas, Texas.

It began with constant chatter and dancing in the van, as Lonestar Pornstar’s new CD played in the background. The members of LSPS were not the only musicians along for the ride; Tony, the lead singer of the Unknown Locals, was also partying with us. I met all of these people through a friend of the Unknown Locals who had invited me to come with her to Forgetta’Bout It to see LSPS. I was impressed with Lonestar Pornstar’s performance and songs as they played that night with EV Loud, a band from Los Angeles, California.

I was convinced to go see them again soon afterward, when they played at Rowdy’s on 1960 and Red Oak Rd., and after that show, I was more impressed than ever with LSPS’s music and the party crowd that followed them around. I was happy to accept the invitation to go on the road for a day trip and watch them play at a “battle of the bands” gig at the Galaxy Club, located off Main St. near downtown Dallas, Texas.

The four-hour trip was a fun ride, not to mention an exciting getaway. I was told that approximately 16 bands were competing in this battle, and after watching several bands whose members did not appear to even be old enough to drink, it was thrilling to come up to the front of the stage to dance and cheer for LSPS.

They had to play their songs in tight order to fill the short time that they were allotted, approximately only 30 minutes. Sweat dripped from each band member’s face as they put forth a powerful effort to display their talent, as they have at every show of theirs that I’ve seen them play.

These musicians are highly motivated and want to succeed. They play live constantly and draw a significant crowd, even though they have only been together for a matter of months. All of the band members, especially Greg, the lead singer, and his wife Marta, are very good at networking and making a name for LSPS here in Houston and they’ve gotten known not only as a rockin’ party band, but also as friendly, cool people to hang out with.

Their rock star attitude does not interfere with their ability to get along with people of all sorts in the industry. They make friends easily and seem to take care of their friends to the best of their ability. The members of LSPS — Greg, lead singer; Manny, drummer; Phil, bassist; Dallas, guitar; and Adam, guitar — all appear to have the same general cooperative attitude, which shows in the increasing tightness of their performances.

While driving home from Dallas, Greg expressed his appreciation to all who came along to support LSPS for this first exciting road trip. I wish them continued success and appreciate the experiences they gave to me.

This band brings back the feelings that old-school scene rock and roll created, where love for the music and the music scene created memories that so many cherish everywhere. END

(Photo [l to r]: Manny, Dallas, Steg, Phil, & Adam. Photo courtesy of Lonestar Pornstar.)

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