The Aeffect, A Short Dream

The Aeffect, A Short Dream

Here’s a keyboard-based trio, in the Depeche Mode fashion — moody pop with lots of hooks. Haven’t heard this kind of stuff in awhile, but I like the attitude. The “drums” seem pretty synthesized, and there’s a whole lot of what one would expect in this particular style, nothing earth-shattering or totally innovative. Too bad, too, because this genre isn’t dead yet, and I’d hoped to see it revived with some new direction. If the Aeffect could move a bit more into the new and out of the old, they might be the next big thing. For some reason, I find it difficult to imagine them on-stage doing this, and maybe that’s the problem for me. It seems just a bit too canned. I don’t think a trio could pull it off without a great deal of CPU assistance. Add some personnel and take it on the road, boys. I’ll be at the show.

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