Antipop Consortium, The Ends Against The Middle

The EP before the recently-released Arrhythmia is my introduction to APC. This set of seven songs all fits under the “electronica” banner, I guess, except that about half the tracks have rappers over them. Being horribly undereducated in this field, I can’t really say what other antecedents there are for this sort of thing. As sound, it’s unimpeachable — interesting textures, talented rappers. If it sounds like I’m dancing around something, I am, and that’s this — none of this sticks with me. Listening to it for the fourth time (granted, not in rapid succession), I recall nothing from previous listens. I don’t understand if I just need to listen to this more or if that’s the nature of this record, that its Teflon-coated sound is designed to avoid sticking in mind. While I try to figure out what’s wrong with me, I will tell anyone that’s interested in hip-hop, electronica, and their confluence that they need to pay attention to the Antipop Consortium.

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