Alastor, Nothing For Anyone

Alastor, Nothing For Anyone

Remember the first time you heard the Pretenders? Well, this disc reminds me of the style and vocal presence of that band. I hate having to make such comparisons, as it seems to detract from the value and originality of an artist’s work — in my defense, however, it is a good way of using musical shorthand to let you know what to expect. Most of the compositions here seem to be observations of things around the composer that are meant, I assume, to convey dark and intimate images imbued with meaning and emotion. They seem to be very personal observations and descriptions. There is enough ambiguity to the compositions to allow the listener to bring whatever emotive content they may wish to them. Generally, though, the images are bleak and not too optimistic. There is a worn-out and tired or beaten feel to this recording, which is a very difficult trick, and this band does it well. I am reminded of the rust belt in America and the shattered dreams and disillusionment of empty warehouses. There are no pop hooks here; no need. It’s too rainy and overcast and sad. Good job at portraying shoegazer sentiments in another form.

Production value is a B to B-, not terribly bad, but not kicking to the degree one would like to hear. In fact, this CD sounds like a gig promotion tape turned into a CD; I bet the live shows are different. I believe Ms. Elkins, the singer, has a lot to say to us, and I want to know what it is! Damn it, in the next CD let’s really get to know you, Elizabeth, like we know Chrissie, Lucinda, Patti, and (so as not to be sexist) Bob, Iggy and Neil.

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