Spain Colored Orange

Well, I’m not sure if this is really a “band,” per se, or more of a “side project”-type thing for the folks involved, but whichever, it’s damn cool. This is basically Gilbert from Blueprint/In Echos (see above), along with some fairly-new bandmates who I don’t know at all, doing a cool little 4-track pop thing. (Greg from Fox Force Five, Ben from We’ve Got Airplanes/Lucky Motors, and this guy Josh were all in the band at one point, but they ain’t no more, for various reasons…) No Sebadoh comparisons here, really — these songs & this sound owe more to the Beatles and Stereolab than anything else: cool, melodic pop songs with lots of sweet melodies and harmonies, heavily accented with keyboards. Neato… Anyway, with In Echos doing the more “drone-y” thing these days (from what I’ve heard, anyway), Spain Colored Orange is playing more often, as well, I guess as an outlet for Gilbert’s pop side… Not a clue who’s in the band these days, but I spotted a CD at the store just the other day (self-released, I think), and it looked pretty damn cool. They had a few tapes floating around, as well, but I remember hearing quite a while ago that they were all out of those…

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