Punkpunkpunkpunk. These guys are reportedly pretty cool (only seen them live once, myself), and they’ve got a brand-new CD out, Ever Revolving Never Evolving, on Nitro Records, alongside their 2 “classic” previous full-lengths, Acme — 143 and Divided We Stand…, both out on Fearless Records. On top of that they’ve also got three 7″s, a couple of really ancient tapes, and a bunch of songs on various comps (for completeness’ sake: The Coolest Shit In Texas — Broken Note; Risk Is Just Part Of The Game — Lazy Squid; Nothing Is Cool — Fuzzgun; Noncompliance — Broken Note; Punk Bites — Fearless; No Approval Needed Vol. 1 — Broken Note; The Fearless Flush Sampler — Fearless; and No Approval Needed Vol. 3 — Broken Note). “Another Kind Of Slavery,” off both the Noncompliance comp and the Junior High Sucked 7″, is a brilliant song. From what I’ve heard recently, the band’s been in serious limbo, and were on the verge of breaking up at least once, but it looks now like they’re playing shows once again, this time with a new guitarist, Jason, who’s also in The Suspects and Middlefinger. Oh yeah, and former 30footFALL’ers have gone on to be in a bunch of other local bands, like Bickley, River Fenix, I-45, Latch Key Kids, and Middlefinger. Gotta love this incestuous-as-hell music scene…. Anyway, here’s hoping they don’t throw in the towel for a while yet.

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